To start ask yourself the question above, what does your relationship with Jesus look like?

“For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 8:38-39

What does a healthy relationship look like to you?

To me, I picture a happy couple. I see a couple that cares deeply for one another, putting the needs of the other ahead of their own. A couple that spends quality with one another, but also enjoys hanging out with friends comes to mind.

I see a guy that brags to his friends about his girlfriend being unbelievable, and a girl that gushes over how much she loves her boyfriend to hers, and a couple that honors one another by being teammates.

What do you picture? Take a moment to think about it. Now I’ll ask the harder question: how’s your relationship with Jesus?

You might have caught on by now, seeing that I asked you to picture an ideal relationship for a reason. The thing is, when we are in a relationship with someone, we spend hours with them. Why? Because we enjoy being with them and want to get to know them better.

Do you want to get to know God better? Do you enjoy being with Him?

When we are in a relationship, we tend to brag about them to our friends. It’s natural when you’re in love
with someone or falling in love with someone to want to tell others how great they are. Do you tell others how great Jesus is? Do you gush over how He loves you better than anyone else you’ve ever met?

If we want to form a deep, true love for our creator then wouldn’t it make sense that we have to work on that?

The cool thing about Jesus is that He already has an abundance of love for us. And if you don’t know, it’s an unfathomable amount more than any man will ever have for you. The other cool thing about Jesus is that even when we ignore Him, He still stands firmly by our side.

Think about it: if you ignore your boyfriend or husband for a month, go out with other men, and then decide one day to return to them, are they going to have a hard time forgiving you? Yes. With Jesus, this forgiveness comes freely.

Every day we entertain things that He hates. We place idol after idol before Him, yet He still stands beside us, hand open, waiting for us to return. Even when we turn from Him for months, or years, He still stands firm, arms open wide. One of the most amazing parts of a relationship with Christ is that it is so easy, and comes to us so freely. Yet, so many days we chose to leave the one who loves us the most, in the dark.

And yet still, He stays, with unwavering love.

How He loves us

In Romans 8, we read about the love Christ has for us, my favorite line being “nothing can separate us from the love of God.”

All He asks is that we love Him. And even when we don’t He still forgives us. Do you see how easy it is to just spend time with Jesus? Do you see how forgiving and loving He is? Honestly, it’s a little mind-blowing and unbelievable that He would still want to pursue me, even after the years that I left Him on read.

I can’t imagine ever encountering a man that would show that kind of relentless love. Doesn’t that make you want to go after a relationship with Him? If not, you’re missing out. A relationship with Jesus is like no other!

Philip Yancey put it like this: “getting to know God is a lot like getting to know a person. You spend time together, whether happy or sad. You laugh together. You weep together. You fight and argue, then reconcile.”

How can you build this type of relationship with Jesus? It’s so easy: Just spend time with Him. Read your Bible with purpose, talk to God throughout the day, pray with all your heart, and lastly: tell others about Him!

What does your relationship with Christ look like? Do you spend quality one-on-one time with Him? Do you tell others about His crazy love for you?

How can you spend more time getting to know Him? Make a list of ways you can. An easy way to start with etching outa specific time each day to engage in the Word, or in prayer.

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