Here’s to waiting on You
As I sit with my back hunched over
and my hands fidgeting with one another in my lap
In a crisp air where I hold my breath
and the stars brush a trail of light across the sky
Something inside of me steadies

I look down at my trembling hands
The same ones I thought could take on anything
just not long ago

I listen to the faint sound of my heart
and thought the song would have been a battle cry
But instead,
I hear rhythms of weakness
that cry out for a Savior

I think to myself
of the kingdoms I should’ve torn down by now
Of all the strongholds I thought I’d rip apart
with these desperate fingers

I think of the times where I’ve cried
Bitter tears that welled from a depth
I’d not known existed inside of me
Only to discover hope the next morning
rise as certain as the burning sun
Flooding my world with light

I think of the moons that have come now and again
in their different phases
And the millions of eyes that have seen them
That have been unknowing onlookers of Your glory
And I, am only one of them,
Trying to find enough courage to gaze at You

Staring at my world eclipsed in darkness
I can’t help but wonder if
Maybe I am meant to see a masterpiece
Lit up in this uncertainty