Here are nine short enneagram reminders for each type!


Your perfection does not define you and you don’t need to fix everything; you are loved for just being.


Your acts of kindness, care, and love don’t define you, you are wanted for who you are.


Even if you don’t cross off everything off your to-do list today, you are still loved and valued for simply being you.


We see you, we love you, and we cherish your uniqueness.


Stop believing that you have to be self-sufficient your whole life. Lean into a community in your life that you care for.


You are skeptical of everyone, let yourself trust the people that you love. They will appreciate your loyalty, responsibility, and support more than they already do.


You don’t always have to be the upbeat, excited friend. Let others see your true emotions, and they will appreciate you even more than they already do.


You put up walls so we will think you’re strong 24/7. Let your close friends break down those walls and let them see the kind heart behind them.


Your presence is important, stop focusing on others, and let others focus on you for once.

Are you into the enneagram, or are you more of a Meyers-Briggs person? We’d love to hear your types!