Are you looking for affordable travel destinations to hit up after COVID ends?

If you’re anything like us, you’re always dreaming of a vacation. It doesn’t help that we follow countless travel bloggers accounts, but I mean, who wouldn’t want to make themselves drool over random people’s pictures? 

After months of being stuck in quarantine, you might be itching to travel. We certainly are. Until you can book a trip, we wanted to share a few affordable travel destinations to dream about in the meantime.

The problem is, vacations cost money, and money is not usually at a surplus. We did some research and found a few different places that are currently cheaper than usual to travel to.

Here are 9 Affordable Travel Destinations to Visit in 2021


There is a false stereotype surrounding this little island off the coast of Tanzania which is that the island is only for honeymooners. This is the opposite of true. This island boasts some of the most beautiful views and is a very affordable ferry ride from Tanzania. Whether you are visiting the coast, or want to go directly there, its a must stop this year. 

Saint Martin / Sint Maarten 

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The half-French, half Dutch island is normally an expensive place to visit in the Caribbean. The little island was also just destroyed this past hurricane season by the storms that swept through the Caribbean. The island is in the process of rebuilding, and you can already see a huge difference.  

One reason you should travel to the island this year is that of the price drop in just about everything there. Due to the lack of visitors, the island has been forced to lower their once astronomically high prices. Try to get in a trip before the prices skyrocket again!  

Naples, Italy 

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It has some of the best wine, bread, and pasta in the world, what more could you want?! Well, these days people are only stopping in Naples as a way to get to the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Pompeii, which are going to be major tourist destinations in 2018. The good thing is, there will be fewer people in the cheaper of the four, Naples.  

Not only does it hold some of the most beautiful sights, but it was the birthplace of pizza – and on that note, this might be my first trip post-COVID.   

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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This Adriatic city is simply beautiful. Its streets are still paved with limestone, and the city is surrounded by stonewalls, giving it an old-school kind of feel. It has many preserved buildings and medieval fortresses that only add to the feel.  

Phuket, Thailand


Source: @memorick_photography 

One of the cheapest locations in the world also happens to be one of the most beautiful, Thailand. Phuket was a top travel destination in 2017 for people of all ages, and it will continue to be in 2018. The beach town is known for its kind natives and cheap hotels. The food is inexpensive but delicious. The nightlife on the beach is like no other.  

You will also feel like you stepped into a mini Portugal when you roam the town, with all the colored buildings. The only warning with Phuket is not to go in the summer – it rains every day, all day!  

Mo’orea, French Polynesia  

Source:  @jennlellenburg 

The lost French Polynesian Island, a sister of Bora Bora and Tahiti, is one of the hidden treasures of the Pacific. They call it, “the world’s most beautiful island you’ve never heard of,” which describes the island to a point. 5-star hotels are only around $200 on the island, whereas a 5-star hotel on Bora Bora is over $1,000 a night.  

If you want to stick to an even lower budget, you can find Airbnb’s for only around $40 a night on Mo’orea. One of the fun parts of visiting a Polynesian Island is the ferry system. You can take day trips to the other islands if you get bored of the one you’re staying on, and the ferry rides go for cheap! 

Mostar, Bosnia 

Source: @adela_kadric

A remnant of the Ottoman Empire, the city shows off its authentic roots to anyone who visits. The winding cobblestone streets, medieval arched bridges, and old buildings really set the mood for an old-world experience. The city boasts some of the healthiest food in the region. The Neretva River is a site to see, with stunning, Carribean-like blue waters. The area is inexpensive to travel to and has some of the most beautiful sights. 

Sri Lanka

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This island south of India is cheap on your wallet but filled with so much to do. From its beautiful beaches to its stunning hiking views there is something for everyone. The price of food is very low, but it is very delicious. They are known for their spices, so watch out!  

If you have time, take a train ride to Ella, a mountain town that is laid back, and what we would call “hippy like.” Also, the island is famous for its elephants, so make sure to pay them a visit!  

San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Source: @tsangtastic 

Another island that was devastated by the 2016 and 2017 hurricane season, is in rebuilding mode. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it’s a great spot to visit in the meantime. The old town of San Juan is paved with cobblestone and lined with colorful houses and buildings. The shopping has everything from tourist novelties to expensive boutiques.  

The history is rich in Old Town San Juan, which is a fun and free activity to explore. Step outside the town, and you’ll stumble upon the light blue waters, and white sand beaches. Hit this spot before prices go up in 2021.

Are you missing traveling? Which one of these 9 affordable travel destinations would you want to visit first? If you are planning to travel soon, check out one of our posts 10 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Packing here.

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