As a working college student, finding time to read for fun is difficult. But it’s so worth it. Although it took more than a month, I finally finished Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. To save some of my pride, let me just say that this book is supposed to be read over a 40-day period. To cut my pride in half, let me also say that it took me 48 days to finish. As I’ve said before, I’m busy.

A book review: Draw the Circle

Draw the Circle is a 40-day devotional following one of Batterson’s best sellers, The Circle Maker. I have yet to read The Circle Maker; so, I did this a bit out of order. But suffice it to say, after reading the devotional, I will definitely be picking up The Circle Maker.

Draw the Circle expounds on the idea of circling goals, dreams, passions, and Scripture in prayer. I was skeptical of the book at first because, honestly, I just like to be difficult. My dad adored the book. That was my first indication that it might not be as great as I was told. Not because I don’t trust my dad, but because I love to joke around with him. He bought everyone in my family a copy of this book and I thought it was such a comical gesture. When he gets excited about something, he’s all in.

But if my dad really liked it that much, and it seemed like a good catalyst for getting me closer to God, I decided it was worth a shot. With my skeptical attitude, I tried to go in with an open mind. And my expectations were blown out of the water. This book really changed my prayer life. I’ve never been very good at praying, but as Batterson puts it, “I’ve never met anyone who felt that they pray too much or too effectively!”

All of our prayer lives could use a jumpstart.

And I believe God used this book to do just that in me. The chapters average only six pages, but each one contained a simple truth that either gave me a gentle, encouraging nudge or punched me in the throat. All in all, this book wrecked me in the best way.

I found myself praying more often, more earnestly, and more specifically.

During this time of my life, I am seeking to honor God in my career choices and I am trying to discern His will. I want to know if He is sending me in any particular direction or if He is simply honored by my turning to Him and forging a career path of my choice.

Draw the Circle pushed me to dive into conversation with God. Even though this may have added a little bit of stress or strain as I focused more intently on my uncertain future, it also brought me closer to God. He answered a specific prayer for career guidance within two minutes and blew my mind.

I found myself taking my shoes off in a public place, knowing that when I was talking to God at that moment it was Holy Ground. This sounds crazy. Trust me, I felt crazy. I’m not usually super vocal about my faith, but God used this book to embolden me and remind me that He cares about the minute details of my life. And He cares about yours too.

He genuinely loves us and when our desires align with His will, He wants to give us the desires of our hearts. If we open ourselves up to Him and His plan for us, He will hold no good thing back.

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