Do you ever deal with morning depression?

I used to hate getting out of bed in the morning.

I dreaded seeing the sunshine in through the window and hearing the birds chirping. It was a reminder that I had to go through another hard day again, with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I would lay in bed frustrated, afraid, and feeling hopeless most days because I didn’t feel like life could change.

It wasn’t until I changed my entire routine (and my life) that my view and attitude towards morning began to shift. There was a pivot in the way that I approached my day. Instead of expecting my day to be a disaster and anticipating the worst, I became proactive in switching my attitude.

Even though some days are harder than others, I decided that no matter what happens, I’m going to do my best to maintain an encouraged, faith-filled attitude. Because of the change in my thinking, mornings are now my favorite time of day. I look at them as a fresh start, a new slate that God has given to “try again.” After all, He was so loving and kind to wake me up there must be a purpose behind why He did.

If you are struggling throughout your day, here’s some ways to start your mornings to fight those negative feels…

Pray/Talk to God

Starting up a conversation with Jesus in the morning can give you mental clarity and renew your spirit. When you first wake up, try talking with Jesus before you talk with anyone else. This can also really help you communicate with your kids or spouse.

He wants us to come to Him and share whatever is on our hearts and minds (no matter how messed up we feel). You can tell Him about your plans for the day, struggles you’re having and when you’re done talking, wait to hear Him speak to you. That conversation may just give you the peace you need to get you through your day.

Read the Word

Learning how to combat negative thoughts was a key part of beginning my day in a good mood. Most days I would let negative thoughts linger and run through my mind without ever confronting them.

After deciding to take control of my mornings, I used God’s Word as protection against thoughts that weren’t true. Whenever I had a thought that things wouldn’t get better, or thoughts that of fear that I wasn’t going to have a good day, I would repeat out loud verses to silence them.

I would say verses like, “All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord.” It helped eradicate my fears and give me confidence. Reading scripture in the mornings could give you the mental strength and confidence you need to get through your day.

Stretch, Exercise, or Yoga

Moving my body in the mornings helps me to wake up. I take a few moments to do some deep breathing exercises to relax and calm my body. Right now, I use my mornings to do stretching and yoga and do more strenuous exercise in the evenings.

Since everyone is different you may find exercising in the morning works better for you. Listen to your body to see what you like the most. Personally, stretching and yoga make my body feel good. I also use those moments during that time to continue to talk to God and give thanks to Him.

Yoga and deep breathing have been proven to lower stress and anxiety. Combined, they can give you the relaxation you need at the beginning of your day.

Write, Journal, Plan

When you first wake up, is your mind filled with thoughts about everything? Before you begin to entertain them, get a pen and notebook to write them out. You’ll be able to look at what’s going on in your head and distinguish what’s true and what’s not.

You’ll also begin to see what you need to focus on the most. As women, we often have a lot going on in our lives. We sometimes need a minute to write out or plan out our day. Taking a moment to jot down your thoughts and plan your day can be a great outlet to get your morning started right.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Food gives us nutrients our body needs to function well. Eating a good breakfast is an essential part of getting the energy we need to get through the day. A morning meal filled with fruits, veggies, and protein is the best breakfast to have most days. That doesn’t mean you can’t have breakfast with pancakes, waffles, and biscuits! It’s about balance! Do what’s best for YOUR body.

If you are looking to create a nutrient-dense breakfast, try adding a smoothie or green juice to your meal. If you’re into tea, green tea is full of brain-boosting compounds that could help jumpstart your morning.

Bonus: Listen to Your Favorite Christian Song

Just like reading scripture, singing your favorite song out loud or just hearing can soothe your mind and spirit. Taking time to listen to the words and the music put you at ease before starting your day. Music can be a stress reliever and even protect your mind from negative thoughts that can creep up.

If you’re looking to really boost your day, find a song that can encourage you and give you the joy you need to begin your day. Check out our playlist “Matthew 28:11” below to listen to some of our favorite worship music.